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WGits for QuickBooks Online

WGits for QuickBooks Online lets you send your sales and refunds over to QuickBooks Online automatically throughout the day. Save hours each month and lower stress by no longer manually importing your orders to QBO and tie out your month with ease!

$109.99 / month

Setup Fee: $250.00

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The WGits SKU Map gives you added flexibility and control.
The WGits SKU Map gives you added flexibility and control.
With flexible settings in place for mapping, you can get the orders over to QBO easily.
The dashboard shows orders that need attention and allows you to resolve issues quickly.


WGits for QuickBooks Online is designed for the QuickBooks Online accounting software, not QuickBooks Desktop. A subscription to QuickBooks Online is required for this app. The WGits QBO app is accessible in your Commerce7 platform when installed and is positioned under the Commerce7 Store menu.

As each order is placed, within seconds it passes through our app and sent on to QBO. We provide you with various mappers to ensure your data flows to QBO as seamlessly as possible.

C7 Tag Map: Use the C7 Order Tags in your system to override QuickBooks Customer Names and QuickBooks Classes.

SKU Map: Point any Commerce7 SKU to any differently named QBO SKU. For example, a C7 SKU of "RedWine2019" could map to a QBO SKU of "RW19".

Class Override: Within the SKU Map, there is a Class Override option to control the Class assignment for each SKU.

Bottle Size: Also within the SKU Map, there is a Bottle Size selector. This is intended to convert single bottle quantities into partial case quantities. For example, one 750ml bottle recorded as sold in C7 would equal 0.08333 quantity in QuickBooks Online. Twelve 750ml bottles sold in C7 would equal 1 quantity.

Class Map: This mapper allows you to override the Commerce7 Channels of Inbound, Club, Web and POS to any differently named Class in QBO.

Bundle Map: This mapper will let you create your own bundles and send them over to QuickBooks easily and effectively without using the QuickBooks native bundle tools.

WGits Settings: We set up the following settings with you on a setup call and work with you to ensure that your connection is set up smoothly.

If a SKU was sold but is not mapped or is not created in QBO, then it will appear in the WGits QBO Dashboard with a response explaining why the order was not sent over to QBO. Once the issue is resolved, you will be able to resend the orders to QBO. When they disappear from the Dashboard, they will have been sent to QBO.

With a clean and friendly user interface and flexible settings, WGits QBO allows you to have your data land in QBO how you want it, with accuracy and seamless migration of data.

Currently only available to businesses in the United States.


There is a one-time setup fee of $250.00

$109.99 will be billed monthly

App price does not include subscription to other software.