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Enolytics DTC Analytics and Reporting Platform

Enolytics is a layer of analytical software that sits on top of Commerce7 data. The software is a gateway to valuable business intelligence, including visualizations, advanced reporting, enhanced customer demographics and predictive analytics.

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Trending and Predictive Analytics of customizable variables.
Trending and Predictive Analytics of customizable variables.
Enhanced Customer Demographics
Wine Club Members at Risk of Leaving


The Enolytics dashboard delivers game-changing insights into wine DTC, leveraging the power of leading-edge technology applied to wineries' own first-party data. Enolytics' software is a layer of powerful analytics, populated by winery data and enhanced by the most sophisticated tools of segmentation, forecasting and visualization.

Specific benefits include:

  • Return on investment (ROI) within weeks of go-live
  • Built for customers and with customers
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Tremendous time savings
  • Daily and weekly emailed business reports
  • Weekly data quality emailed reports
  • Easy real-time filtering (aka “slicing and dicing”)
  • Enhanced demographics data
  • Modules developed specifically for wine club managers, tasting room managers, marketing managers and executives.
  • Create any advanced reports in seconds or use one of our numerous preset reports
  • KPI dashboard with quick business overview
  • Easy segmentation using RFM and over 100 static and dynamic filters
  • Easily track performance of a campaign
  • Advanced club retention and acquisition algorithms
  • Powerful data cleansing tools
  • Hundreds of KPIs and data elements
  • Free masterclasses and support
  • Easy to use support portal
  • Fast and smooth onboarding
  • World class customer service

Want to know more? Our customers can explain everything to you. You can hear the customer voices here.


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