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Tips and tricks for selling DTC and working with the Commerce7 tools.

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Annual Data Report

A look into the trends, stats, and key insights that defined 2020 and will define winery DTC for years to come.


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How to keep your customers for the long haul

For many businesses, it’s common for customer retention to take a back seat to customer acquisition. While customer acquisition will always be important, it is critical that wineries pay attention to their existing customers and ensure they are satisfied in order to create loyal customers and members.

By Kaitlin Stratis
Running a modern subscription club - Your top 3 questions answered

While the industry continues to evolve, there are many trends emerging that wineries need to pay attention to. One that we certainly can’t ignore is the modern subscription. 2020 showed us that while traditional club memberships remained stagnant, subscription companies such as Winc, saw a massive amount of growth throughout the year.

By Kaitlin Stratis
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Why Commerce7 instead of WineDirect

With industry leading APIs and integrations, and modern club and ecommerce tools - Commerce7 was built to empower wineries with a reliable DTC platform that allows them to deliver the best experience possible to their customers.

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