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Tips and tricks for selling DTC and working with the Commerce7 tools.

2020 Data Book.
Annual Data Report

A look into the trends, stats, and key insights that defined 2022 and will define winery DTC for years to come.


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How Iola Wines Achieved 221% YoY Growth with Commerce7’s Club Tools

Led by Marilee Bramhall, Founder of Iola Wines, the team realized the need for a wine club to create a sense of belonging for their customers and a new source of revenue for the business. The implementation of a wine club through Commerce7’s technology resulted in significant revenue growth, improved customer relationships, and a more predictable financial outlook for their ecommerce business. This case study explores the challenges faced by Iola Wines, the solutions provided by Commerce7, and the impressive results achieved by Iola Wines through their successful launch of a wine club.

By Karen Urquhart
Insights to Impact: Leveraging Data-Driven Insights for Long-Term Success

If you're a winery owner or manager, you know that growing your business and increasing sales is no easy feat. That's why it's important to stay on top of the latest market trends, statistics, and insights into direct-to-consumer performance. With more and more consumers looking to purchase wine directly from producers, using a data-driven approach to optimize your DTC performance and meet customer preferences is crucial for continued success in the wine industry.

By Commerce7 Team
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