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Commerce7 Launches Version 2 Frontend with Mobile Payments, New Club Tools and a Whole New Customer Portal

Sep 1, 2021

Downloadable Assets: Checkout | Club Shipment | Customer Portal | Commerce7 Logo

September 1, 2021.

Customer experience is the leading factor in driving online sales and club signup. Commerce7’s new Version 2 is designed to elevate customer experiences by offering intelligent mobile wallets, greater member engagement and a streamlined customer portal.

Revamped Checkout

Now available in version 2, mobile wallets including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay and WeChat Pay, a streamlined checkout experience with only 8 fields.

The revamped checkout is built with new intelligence and auto-detects if a guest has mobile payments (such as Apple Pay or Google Pay).  It understands compliance regulations at a state level and will only ask for birth date and billing address if required by a state.   The receipt page smartly displays the shipment information and allows for third party apps.

Reinvented Clubs

Wineries on Commerce7 see 30% of their club sign ups come from the web.  With version 2 we aim to make that higher.  Customers can start engaging with their club package and products before they sign up. It’s easier than ever to adjust and personalize their shipment.

Guests can sign up via mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and the signup process has been slimmed down to just 8 fields. 

Existing members have more options for editing their club shipment and easier editing screens.  Online cancellation workflows now intelligently guide a member to alternative solutions before they cancel.

Redesigned Customer Portal

In version 2, customer workflows have been streamlined to cut down on customer inquiries.  A smarter dashboard guides customers to information they need.  Personalized notifications are displayed throughout the site for declined cards, orders to be picked up, and other issues to be dealt with.


"With nearly 300 wineries around the world using the 5forests WordPress plugin to integrate their website with Commerce7, we see first hand how the Commerce7 platform benefits wineries. And with the newly released front end widgets, they're getting better accessibility, better customer experience, better club management, and even better performance. We're excited to continue offering Commerce7 to our clients, and eager to push the bar alongside them." - Michael Bourne, 5forests

The version 2 frontend is available today.  For more information please contact


About Commerce7

Commerce7 is a DTC platform focused on providing customer-centric commerce solutions to the wine industry. Innovative features such as being 100% API based, their personalization engine, and modern ecommerce and club solutions has made it the platform of choice for wineries looking for a more modern solution. Regardless of size, all clients on the Commerce7 platform have access to the entire suite of products and all features and functionality. For more information, visit

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