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VinFillment Order Fulfillment

The VinFillment Order Fulfillment App allows wineries that use VinFillment for fulfillment to be able to have their orders pulled from Commerce7 and tracking sent back automatically. Notes are also stored on orders to show that orders were pulled.


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The VinFillment Order FulFillment App is an alternative to manually downloading orders from Commerce7 and uploading to VinFillment. This will allow the automatic pulling of orders from Commerce7 on an hourly schedule for any pending fulfilllment and paid orders. As an additional convenience, once the orders are pulled by VinFillment, a note is added to the order showing that it has been processed by VinFillment. This will make sure orders are quickly sent to VinFillment for fulfillment.

Once VinFillment fulfills the orders, tracking information will be automatically sent back to Commerce7 and will also be marked as Fulfilled.

Please Note: Only customers of VinFillment will be able to use this App for fulfillment.




This app is built and supported by VinFillment.