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Trusted by hundreds of wineries; this is the most popular app in the Commerce7 app store. Sync customer, product, and order data in real-time to take advantage of advanced segmentation and automations such as abandoned cart, welcome series, and win-back.

$50.00 / month

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Campaign attribution reporting helps to understand which offers are performing the best.
Campaign attribution reporting helps to understand which offers are performing the best.
Insights based on purchase history to better understand the customer at a glance.
Campaign Manager helps to schedule and plan a comprehensive marketing strategy.


Trusted by hundreds of wineries as the most installed app on the Commerce7 app store, Digimatic's Mailchimp integration is the most robust, reliable, and feature rich option to maximize your email marketing efforts and sell more wine.

Noteable features include:

  • Realtime syncing of Commerce7 products to the Mailchimp product catalog allowing you to easily drag and drop product blocks into your templates, including intelligent "recommended product" blocks to boost conversion rates.
  • Realtime syncing of customers to your audience.  No more manual exports and imports.  Customer name, email, address, phone, birthday, club memberships, and Commerce7 tags will automatically be updated in Mailchimp as they're added or modified in Commerce7.
  • Realtime syncing of orders, including a backfill of historical orders, allowing you to create extremely useful segments and automations around purchase behavior.
  • Realtime syncing of carts, allowing you to create abandoned cart automations that will recover otherwise lost sales.  Set up an off-the-shelf template in minutes, then watch the extra revenue roll in.
  • Realtime syncing of abandoned club signup attempts, allowing you to create automations that will recover otherwise lost club memberships.
  • Campaign attribution reporting; view order count, revenue, and products sold for each campaign that you send
  • View a customer's Mailchimp activity directly from Commerce7 with a new "Mailchimp" tab on the customer record.  Your staff can see which emails a customer was sent, opened, or clicked without having to leave their customer record in Commerce7.
  • Automatically calculated tags in Mailchimp to distinguish things like club membership, club shipping type (ship vs. pickup), whether they have registered an account in Commerce7, whether they're a "former club member" so you can send win-back campaigns, and more.
  • Sophisticated queueing system ensures that if Mailchimp goes down, which it frequently does, your data is held and automatically re-tried until Mailchimp is available again, ensuring your data is always 100% in sync.
  • Directly integrated with WinePulse analytics.  View your email campaign activity side by side with your sales, club, and customer analytics for even deeper and more valuable insights on your data.
  • Uniquely qualified support.  We have been developing software for the wine industry since 2008 and fully understand the unique needs and challenges of DTC wine sales.  All of our software is built in-house; nothing is outsourced, so we can address any issues quickly and directly.

As a Mailchimp Pro Partner, Digimatic has exclusive access to Mailchimp's premium support on your behalf as well as insider information about upcoming features so we can build them into the integration for you to use ASAP.

Digimatic is the preferred integration provider of the biggest winery marketing firms due to the expansive feature list allowing them to maximize ROI for their client wineries as well as the quality responsive support they receive from us.


$50.00 will be billed monthly

App price does not include subscription to other software.


This app is built and supported by Digimatic.