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Quick Inventory

Quickly upload a .csv file to preform inventory transactions in bulk!

$9.99 / month

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Download Sample Files
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Main Features

  • Quickly make inventory transfers or updates in bulk.
  • Turn inventory Off or On for a list of SKUs.
  • Update inventory notifications, target email, and notification thresholds in bulk.
  • Reset Inventory, Adjust Inventory, Transfer Inventory, all in bulk.
  • Example .CSV files available for download for each action.
  • Integrates directly into the commerce7 UI.
  • Download a report of transactions and their status if any transactions failed, know exactly which went through and which failed to post.

App Description

Allows users to upload a .csv to preform inventory transactions on in bulk, instead of manually entering each desired transaction via the normal means. (Clicking on an inventory item on the admin page, selecting action, entering data, pressing submit, repeat…)

Provides a results page with a downloadable report of transactions if any transactions failed to post with errors for easy corrections of data.


$9.99 will be billed monthly


This app is built and supported by Marsbytes Apps.