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ShipStation Custom Store

Sync orders from Commerce7 to - with options to sync Notes, Tags, Flags, Club Information, and more!

$29.00 / month

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Customized settings page integrated into Commerce7.
Customized settings page integrated into Commerce7.
ShipStation Orders Awaiting Shipment
ShipStation Order View with Item Details, Notes and Customer Flags


This custom integration with ShipStation will enable you to seemlesly and quickly sync orders from Commerce7 to ShipStation for fulfillment. Fulfillment through ShipStation will then sync tracking information back to commerce7, fulfilling orders automatically.

Main Features

  • Seemlessly sync all requred order details to ShipStation.
  • Settings page to easily customize the information being sent to ShipStation.
  • Option to sync order notes, tags, flags, and even customer flags.
  • Option to sync Club information, including a customer's current enrollment, the current club package, and the status of the customization of the package.



$29.00 will be billed monthly

App price does not include subscription to other software.


This app is built and supported by MarsBytes Apps.