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Predict Club Attrition with Emetry

Matt Gemmellclock 2 min

Aug 27, 2020

Emetry has developed a model to predict wine club cancellations, and now it's deeply embedded in Commerce7!


The club attrition model is one of the first predictive algorithms to proactively calculate a club member’s inclination to cancel their wine club. This data is pushed into Commerce7.  Let's talk about 4 ways to use it!

1. Frontline Staff:  Any club member that has a 90% or greater club attrition probability will show up as a flag on the POS.  Train your frontline staff to recognize this flag and develop a program for club members that are at risk of leaving you.

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2. Query and Connect:  Emetry customer segments and club attribution probability comes into Commerce7 as tags and shows up inside Commerce7's query tools and export tools.  You can easily create a query of your best customers, or your club members that are predicted to leave, and develop email marketing and telephone campaigns around these lists.


3. Reward:  There are many strategies for rewarding club members.  One strategy is to have a coupon for longevity (for examples club members over X years receive an additional Y percent off).  Another might be to find club members about to leave and give them an incentive to stay. Use Commerce7 data and Emetry data to create these lists and reward your club members.

4. Allocate:  Club members don't always need financial rewards. Use Emetry data alongside Commerce7 data to create allocation lists for specific members and customers to reward them with access to exclusive wines.

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