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Commerce7 Reveals 2024 Roadmap at Commerce7 Live, Continuing to Push the Industry Forward

Karen Urquhartclock 3 min

Jan 26, 2024

Vancouver, British Columbia – Commerce7, the leader in providing modern commerce solutions for the wine industry, has successfully concluded its highly anticipated Commerce7 Live event. The livestream, held on January 26th, provided an exclusive look into the future of Commerce7's roadmap, unveiling a host of exciting updates and features poised to push the direct-to-consumer wine industry forward. 

In 2023, Commerce7 experienced unprecedented growth, launching over 180 new features and setting new benchmarks for the industry. This positive momentum will continue into 2024, as evidenced by the announcements made during Commerce7 Live. 

Key Highlights from Commerce7 Live

Enhanced Reporting

Commerce7 introduced a brand-new visual reporting dashboard that will simplify the interpretation of key organizational trends. Users will be able to visualize changes across different time periods for easy data comparison. The upcoming improvements to the reporting system will offer faster access to data on all reports, with the added convenience of instant file downloads in the admin, eliminating the need to wait for emailed files.

Smarter, Unified Reservation & POS System

In a move to enhance user experiences, Commerce7 plans to merge reservations and POS into a single app. The new features will include the utilization of table maps and floor plans within the POS system to enhance staff, customer, and order management. Users will be able to interact with any order, even if not the assigned sales associate, without the need for order transfers. Smarter printing options for food and beverages, along with starting a tab with only a credit card, were also announced.

Pushing the Club & Subscription Experience

Commerce7 will be pushing the boundaries of the club model by allowing preferences, including likes and dislikes, to influence subscription club shipments. The process of setting up 'recurring' orders for subscription shipments will be simplified, and enhanced AI capabilities will predict and customize the contents of upcoming subscription shipments for a more personalized experience.

Improved Workflows

Efficiency will be at the forefront with Commerce7's improved workflows, with plans to enable users to perform bulk fulfillment checks and other bulk actions seamlessly. Easier viewing of data from list pages and the ability to import CSV files for customers, products, inventory, and other objects will further enhance operational efficiency. 

New ChatDTC App

A noteworthy part of the event was the introduction of the ChatDTC app, the first AI-powered data assistant developed by Commerce7’s long-time industry partner WinePulse. ChatDTC allows users to interact with their Commerce7 data in natural language, asking for information in plain English and receiving precise results promptly, eliminating the struggles associated with finding the right report or building complex queries.


Commerce7 Live showcased the company's commitment to continuous innovation, empowering businesses to stay ahead of the curve in direct-to-consumer wine technology. The event drew widespread attention from industry professionals, highlighting Commerce7's position as a leader in providing solutions that redefine industry standards.

For those who missed the livestream, a recording can be found here.

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