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Ekos Integration

Oct 8, 2021

Save Administration Time and Gain Insights into your Business with the Ekos + Commerce7 Integration

With the Ekos Integration for Commerce7, you can eliminate manual processes and duplicate entries while discovering insights into key metrics that help you focus on growing your business. Run your business seamlessly by reducing manual bookkeeping of your offline and online transactions with your accounting system.

When you integrate Ekos with Commerce7 and your accounting systems, you no longer need to pull manual sales reports to account for your inventory and create journal entries. Instead, you can automatically send your end-of-business-day sales transactions from Commerce7 to Ekos. Ekos automatically depletes your packaged product and merchandise inventory so you can plan your future production batches and accurately allocate inventory to your tasting room and other DTC channels. Ekos also automatically posts the invoice for daily sales and a daily journal entry to maintain up-to-date cost of goods sold, tips owed to your employees, taxes owed, discounts given in tasting room, payments received from your consumers and account for refunds given during the day. The Commerce7 and Ekos integration allows you to better manage recurring shipments from subscriptions or wine club orders and gives you better visibility into your product margins and inventory.

How does it work?

Once the integration is connected, you can sync end-of-business-day sales transactions from Commerce7 to Ekos with a simple click. You can enable the sync as often as you want — we recommend at least 3 times per week.   

If you have your accounting system connected, then Ekos also automatically posts the invoice for daily sales and a daily journal entry to your accounting system. This allows for a full flow of information and keeps all your systems up to date without having to manually enter sales data in each separate software. 

Why do I need the Commerce7 integration?

The Ekos and Commerce7 integration streamlines the tracking of POS, ecommerce, event and wine club sales. It also automatically updates inventory in Ekos and syncs sales with your accounting software. 

With the integration, you can eliminate manual processes, double entry, and related errors; discover insights about your business so you can grow your sales and reduce inefficiencies; and keep your data consistent across all your systems so you can scale your business faster. 

How do I set up the integration?

The Ekos team must enable the Commerce7 integration in your site after you have officially added it to your Ekos subscription. Reach out to Ekos sales team here to get pricing.

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