Using Customer Preferences to Increase Lifetime Value and Reduce Churn

calendar-empty Feb 15, 2023 10am-10:45am PT

VineSleuth’s Wine4.Me Instant Wine Recommendation Engine has been used successfully on two continents in creating personal experiences online and in tasting rooms, growing initial sales and recurring sales. Now it can be paired with customer data to create even more personal experiences and sales journeys online, in person and via direct sales campaigns.

Tune into this webinar with VineSleuth/Wine4.Me CEO Amy Gross to uncover how other wine sellers are finding related success and see how you can: 

  • Transform old sales lists into new opportunities
  • Personalize discovery of your wines both in the tasting room and online
  • Increase lifetime value of your shoppers
  • And take shoppers from taste, to case, repeatedly.

Whether you use the recommendation tool or not, you’ll leave this webinar ready to take on the new market climate of 2023.