Learning Commerce7, for VineSpring Users

calendar-empty Join our webinar series meant to guide VineSpring users through the Commerce7 platform.

Commerce7 has acquired VineSpring, and VineSpring users will be migrated over to the Commerce7 platform. Join this webinar series to understand the details of the Commerce7 platform. Register to be enrolled in the webinar series.

Topics for the series are as follows

Wednesday April 6th, 10am PT - Admin Panel, highlighting our CRM, our settings, and our integrations

Thursday April 7th, 10am PT - Orders, highlighting order channels, inventory, fulfillment, reporting, and the front end experience

Friday April 8th, 10am PT - Club, highlighting building and managing both traditional and user choice clubs as well as the front end experience

Monday April 11th, 10am PT - Allocations, highlighting building and managing allocations

Tuesday April 12th, 10am PT - Point of Sale, highlighting using our POS in the tasting room

Wednesday April 13th, 10am PT - Campaigns, Cart Carrots, and Personalizations, highlighting some of the marketing tools available on Commerce7

All sessions will be recorded, and the recordings will be emailed out to all who register.