VineSpring 1 on 1 with Commerce7's President

calendar-empty Tues, Oct 11th, 2022 12pm PT

6 months ago, our team announced our acquisition of VineSpring and since then we’ve worked to migrate all VineSpring customers to the Commerce7 Platform. 

Sept 30th was the migration deadline and we want to thank you for coming over to Commerce7 and answer any questions you may have. We'd also love to hear about your experience with the migration and with using the Commerce7 Platform so far. 

We understand the transition hasn't been easy for everyone. We want to take the time to listen to your feedback, issues, and recommendations.

Join us via Zoom on Oct 11th at 12pm PT to share your thoughts, comments, and questions related to the migration and life on our platform with Commerce7’s President, Andrew Kamphuis.

We’ll be answering pre-submitted questions and comments first, followed by impromptu questions and comments after. 

[Submit your questions/comments here] and register on this page. Thank you!