Seneca Lake Winery Association Seminar with WISE, Community Benchmark and Commerce7!

calendar-empty July 25th, 9am-11:15am ET

Seneca Lake Winery Association is offering its members this exclusive seminar, compliments of Commerce7 in partnership with WISE and Community Benchmark!

Join us on Zoom for:

-WISE Academy's seminar on crafting the Tasting Room conversation to sell, naturally. Learn how to understand customers through wine buyer profiles and how guests relate to your winery! And, learn how to use storytelling, analogies, and open-ended questions to build trust, which leads to not only better engagement and guest satisfaction, but also sales.

-A Community Benchmark overview to better understand your Tasting Room metrics such as AOV, conversion to purchase and club!

-Plus, Growing DTC Sales - Learn the tangible steps you can take to sell more and grow your average lifetime value, order value, and direct-to-consumer sales this year and beyond, presented by Commerce7.

July 25th Schedule:
9am-9:45am - WISE Academy
9:45am-9:50am - Break
9:50am-10:35am - WISE Academy
10:35am-10:50am - Community Benchmark
10:50am-11:15am - Commerce7 and final Q&A