Winery Association Seminar for the Northern Central Coast

calendar-empty Dec 6th, 9:30-11:45am PT via Zoom

Monterey County Vintners & Growers Association, Wineries of Santa Clara Valley and Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association are all teaming up to offer their members this exclusive online seminar, compliments of Commerce7, in partnership with WISE Academy and Community Benchmark!

Please join us on this virtual seminar for:

-A Community Benchmark overview to better understand your Tasting Room metrics such as AOV, conversion to purchase and club!

-WISE Academy's seminar, Making More Out of Less: How do we know if we’re winning or losing? How do we know if we’re successful with our wine clubs and tasting room revenue? We’ll review ways to utilize the systems and tools we already have to better understand how to understand where we are in our DTC businesses and channels, how to track progress (or declines) and how to make better decisions to then grow our business. If we’re already feeling successful, what if we could do even better with a little more understanding? We’ll talk about declines in visitation and trends in wine club attrition and ways we can overcome these challenges.

-Plus, Growing DTC Sales: Learn the tangible steps you can take to sell more and grow your average lifetime value, order value, and direct-to-consumer sales this year and beyond, presented by Commerce7.

Dec 6th Schedule:
9:30am-10:05am - Community Benchmark
10:05am-10:35am - WISE Academy
10:35am-10:40am - Break
10:40am-11:10am - WISE Academy
11:10am-11:45am - Commerce7 and Final Q&A