Finger Lakes Wine Alliance Seminar

calendar-empty Feb 7, 2023 1pm-3:15pm EST

The FLWA is proud to offer this exclusive seminar to member wineries, compliments of our Premier Partner Commerce7 and in conjunction with WISE Academy and Community Benchmark.

Offered via Zoom, Community Benchmark will provide an overview to better understand Tasting Room metrics including AOV, conversion to purchase, and wine club; WISE Academy will present a seminar on Sales Skills Mastery and Building Rapport; and Commerce7 will present "Growing Your DTC Sales." Winery tasting room and sales/marketing staff are encouraged to attend.

The goal of the program is to offer anyone engaging in sales efforts an opportunity to learn how to leverage great guest experiences into natural, helpful sales- an extension of true hospitality. Both DTC and wholesale sales staff can learn to identify buying signals, customer types, planting sales seeds, and how to close sales in a brand-appropriate way. Techniques for using storytelling, analogies, and open-ended questions, leading to better engagement, guest satisfaction will be shared

Feb 7th Schedule:

  • 1pm-1:05pm - Welcome
  • 1:05-1:30pm - Community Benchmark
  • 1:30pm-2pm - WISE Academy part 1
  • 2pm-2:05pm - Break
  • 2:05pm-2:35pm WISE Academy part 2
  • 2:35pm-3:10pm - Commerce7
  • 3:10pm-3:15pm - Final Qs