Winery DTC Compliance and the Impact of Shifting Regulations, Enforcement and Compliance Challenges

calendar-empty July 6th, 10AM PT

Join us for an overview of compliance requirements for beverage alcohol suppliers including different tax types, presented by Shannon Fahey of Avalara. Avalara will give an update on recent regulation changes for DTC fulfillment houses, licenses and tax, plus enforcement trends (including age verification), and how to avoid risk. Bonus: Get a preview of the Commerce7 integration with Avalara’s compliance solutions.


  • Compliance requirements for beverage alcohol suppliers
  • Different tax types for wineries
  • Recent regulation updates for DTC fulfillment, licenses, and tax
  • State enforcement updates
  • The role of age verification in beverage alcohol compliance
  • Key steps for maintaining compliance
  • Commerce7 Integration with Avalara’s Compliance Solutions