Amador Vintners Association Seminar with WISE, Community Benchmark and Commerce7!

calendar-empty August 18th, 4pm-6:30pm PT

Amador Vintners Association is offering its members this exclusive seminar, compliments of Commerce7 in partnership with WISE and Community Benchmark!

Join us at Rombauer's tasting room for...

-WISE Academy's seminar on finding ways to weave the benefits of purchasing wine and joining the club through experience in a non-salesy way (identify buying signals, planting sales seeds, and more tricks and tips for closing sales in a brand-appropriate way). And, learn how to use storytelling, analogies, and open-ended questions to build trust, which leads to not only better engagement and guest satisfaction, but also sales.

-A Community Benchmark overview to better understand your Tasting Room metrics such as AOV, conversion to purchase and club!

-Plus, Growing DTC Sales - Learn the tangible steps you can take to sell more and grow your average lifetime value, order value, and direct-to-consumer sales this year and beyond, presented by Commerce7.

August 18th Schedule:

3:45pm - Check-in and mingle at Rombauer
4pm-4:45pm - WISE Academy
4:45pm-4:55pm - Break/Networking
4:55pm-5:35pm - WISE Academy
5:35pm-6:00pm - Community Benchmark
6pm-6:30pm - Commerce7 and final Q&A